Kati Lyon-Villiger

Kati Lyon-Villiger

Women of Inspiration

Kati Lyon-Villiger is an economist, writer and insightful person whose initiatives have greatly improved the opportunities and quality of life for individuals.

She has made it possible for the homeless and for those deemed as unemployable to work and to earn a living. She has achieved this through her various commercial ventures where she has provided job opportunities, educational and employment training, and skills development. Her commitment has resulted in improving the marketability and future job prospects for her employees.

Ms. Lyon-Villiger’s philanthropic endeavours include Past Committee Chair of the National Retinitis Pigmentosa Foundation (Ottawa-Hull Chapter) and an active volunteer for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and for the Canadian and International Women’s League. She is also a board member of the Ottawa Valley Swiss Club Inc. and an elected delegate from Canada to the Council of Swiss Abroad in Berne, Switzerland. Her volunteer engagement includes as an active member in the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) and past President of CFUW-Ottawa; the International Federation of University Women in Geneva, Switzerland (now Graduate Women International); the Canadian Authors Association (NCR Chapter); and, the International Writers’ Club (writers.com).

In her career as a government economist, Kati Lyon-Villiger attended meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund where she has been described as a first-rate financial economist, a skilled negotiator, and an extremely efficient administrator and manager. She is also a former member of the National Association of Business Economists (Cleveland, Ohio), the National Economists Club (Washington, D.C.), the National Association of Business Economists (Boston, Mass.), the Society of Government Economists (Washington, D.C.) and the Eastern Economic Association (Storrs, Connecticut).

Currently, she is a director/board member of Lind’berg International Holdings, Bergstrom House, Wolfburg Holdings, and Besserstein International.

Ms. Lyon-Villiger is also an author. She has written a series of children’s stories that explain complex scientific and financial topics through easily understandable fairy tales. She has published several novels, short stories, novellas, a trilogy, and epistolaries in England and America under her nom de plume, Klothild de Baar. Several of her works have been short- and long-listed for prizes, including the Book Excellence Award and the Fred Kerner Prize of the Canadian Authors Association. In addition, she has written various professional theses, articles, and publications, with many pertaining to Pareto Optimality in petrodollar circulation.

Her experiences include travelling to almost every country of the world, often to international development and aid projects for the Government of Canada.