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Ottawa’s social foundation continues to improve, in large part, due to the tireless initiatives of outstanding women whose contributions – whether through service to the community or body of work – enhance the quality of life for its citizens and make the Municipality of Ottawa a better place to live for all.

These exceptional women epitomize Canadian values - demonstrating inclusivity, integrity, and a passion for making a positive impact through selflessness and dedication. They are beacons that reflect the best in all of us as Canadians and as leaders. They bring about real change by contributing to the empowerment of individuals and groups either through public or community service, career excellence, entrepreneurial activities, or education-based programs. The benefits of their contributions permeate in the areas of arts and culture, philanthropy, communication, science, sports or other initiatives to the betterment of others on a local, national or global scale.

The Femmes remarquables Ottawa Distinguished Women Project promotes inclusivity and encourages representation from all cultural groups with parallel representation from the Francophone community at all committee levels.

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