Alice Chatelain

Alice Chatelain

Community Pillar

For over 60 years, Alice Chatelain has demonstrated her exceptional commitment to the Ottawa-Vanier community.

Since 1977, Ms. Chatelain has accompanied residents of the Champlain Reception Centre in Ottawa, a long-term care centre, for medical appointments and hospital visits. She makes herself available both day and night for people nearing the end of their lives. As an assistant in the Champlain Reception Center she became Chair, responsible for fundraising for the purchase of equipment, host of day programs and various activities (Gérance du Café Chez Nous, Bingo, monthly birthdays, celebrations, pastoral care, etc.) always for the well-being of the elderly. She performs these many volunteer tasks with a smile and great compassion.

Throughout the years, Alice Chatelain has been invited to share her dedication and expertise with several organizations and associations in Ottawa. In addition to being a member of the Ontario Francophone Seniors and Retired Federation of Ontario – Ottawa Region, she is also devoted to the Vanier Optimist Club. Each year, she gets involved in various activities (carnival, barbecue, cycling day, etc.) to ensure a better quality of life for families and young people in the area. Also, she has assumed several tasks at the Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes Parish (1959-2019); the Circle of Friendship N.D.L. (1964-1980); the schools, Cadieux (1967-1978) and André-Laurendeau (1979-1985); au Mouvement couple et famille (1977-1992); and at the Vanier Public Library (1975-1989). She is often cited as an example of an exceptional volunteer who is strongly committed to the meetings and monthly programs of the Vanier Community Association.

For her numerous community contributions, Alice Chatelain has received several recognition awards over the years. In 2018, she received the Sovereign’s Medal, a national distinction presented on behalf of the Governor General of Canada for her exemplary volunteer work. In 2006, she was awarded with the Marcel Chaput Trophy and a Certificate of Merit from the Rideau-Vanier District, and in 2000 the Champlain Reception Center installed a recognition plaque in honour of her remarkable dedication with respect to her activities, pastoral care and her warm presence.

Ms. Alice Chatelain continues to make a positive difference to the citizens of Ottawa-Vanier.